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" that they may

be brought to

complete unity." 

                                    John 17:23

About S.O.S! For The Students

SOS! For The Students is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation registered in the State of Tennessee. Our three fold purpose is living and teaching Biblical character, hope, and love to public school students during the school day. The purpose will be fulfilled by: 1. Beginning and growing Released Time Bible Education(RTBE) starting in Middle Tennessee, 2. Being a resource to help other Christians to start and grow RTBE, and 3. Educating the population about the benefits of RTBE.

SOS! For The Students was founded by Christians from many different church backgrounds and theologies. Our unifying goal is to answer the SOS! distress call from students, teaching them character, hope, and love found in the Bible. As we continue to grow with more Christians working together in unity of this goal, we hope to show that by our unity the world will know that Jesus Christ was sent by God. (John 17:21-23) 

We are committed to providing a high-quality released time program with an emphasis on character education. We believe such a program helps meet the needs of schools for improved student behavior, mental health, academic performance and other benefits. We seek to meet these needs out of a sincere desire to serve students, schools and communities.

                                                             Religious Affiliation:
SOS! For The Students is organized and operates independent of any recognized denomination, organized local congregations and any religious institution. Because SOS! For The Students is a ministry teaching Biblical character to public school students, it shall regularly partner with denominations, organized congregations and other religious institutions in order to fulfill its mission. SOS! For The Students will not officially endorse any particular church or denomination nor is it endorsed by any particular church or denomination.

                                                                       Unified Christians:
If you would like to become a part of our unified movement for the students, please contact us and become a SOS! Partner!


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