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"By this all people will know that

you are my disciples, if you have

love for one another."        John 13:34   

SOS! For The Students

Board Members


Joe Ray


Jess Dillon


Janet Zatto

Administrative Director

Joe made a commitment to follow Jesus Christ over 40+ years ago. He has been involved with various ministries as a lay person. In 2009 God called him to start and lead a work called Accurate Image Ministries, (AIM). The ministry has all volunteer staff, no one in the ministry receives payment for their work. 


Joe spent 30+ years directing and leading clinical research support teams in Medical Affairs with two Pharmaceutical companies. He received his undergraduate and graduate training at the University of Louisville, and University of Louisville School of Medicine.


He became a part of SOS! For The Students to further the life giving Character of Jesus Christ. The message that He is The Way, The Truth and The Life.

Jess made a commitment to follow Jesus Christ more than 50 years ago as a teenager and was an Eagle Scout in Wilmington, Delaware. He has been married to his second wife
Brenda for 33 years. Their blended family includes six children, one with the Lord, 11 grandkids and 11 great grandkids.


Jess had spent just over 35 years in sales, sales management and superstore management with Circuit City and The Tennessean (Gannett) newspaper after ten years of various sales jobs prior. He has been a member of Three Oaks Church for 20 years and has been a very active
Gideon for 17 years. He has been a Treasurer and a Church Board member.

Jess has a heart for children, and sees SOS! For the Students as a unique and powerful way to help bring biblical character, faith and fun to the young lives in middle Tennessee.

Janet recently came to follow Jesus Christ a little over 2 years ago. She has a corporate background as a Compensation Manager. In 2016, she left the corporate world to start her own Personal Training business. Janet enjoys helping others along on their journey to a healthy lifestyle. She has been married for 32 years, has two grown children and two grandchildren.


Janet became a part of SOS! For The Students as an answer to a calling from the Lord to share His Good News with as many public students as possible so that they can become faithful servants of the Lord by learning, speaking, living and sharing the Word of God.


Carole Dollar


Carole is a pure heart advocate. She is a gifted Bible teacher and understands the issues of the heart and the end time work of Holy Spirit in the Church. She has a background in
Country Music, and in both State and Federal Government. Carole is multi-talented and writes, sings and preaches to the glory of God. Her ministry experience includes church revivals, conferences, seminars, prisons, jails, on radio and television (TBN & CTN), missionary trips to West Africa, West Indies, Israel and Ecuador.

Many of her articles and poems have been published in magazines and newspapers and she has published a book, “The End Church Bearing The Ark of God’s Glory”. Carole is currently a member of Christ Worship Center, White House, Tennessee and assists her Pastors Steve Malone and Roy MeGregor. She serves as director of Women’s Ministry. She is also ordained with the International Ministerial Association, Dr. Timothy Warner General Board Chairman. She also happily serves as a Board Member for S.O.S. For the Students.

Gary Bull

Partner Relations Director

Garyl was born in Memphis, TN, and has lived in the Nashville area for 30 years.  Gary has followed Christ since he was 12 years old.   He graduated from Williamstown Bible College in West Virginia with a Christian Ministry degree.  Gary and his wife, Michelle, have two daughters, a son, and nine grandboys.  They have been married 46 years. 


Gary was a manager in the industrial uniform industry for 25 years and modular building sales and rental for 8 years.  He is now happily retired. 


When he first learned about Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) in 2021, he thought there was no way that was true.  However, after researching and finding out that RTBE is unquestionably legal, Gary is dedicating his life to spreading the news about RTBE and providing Biblical character instruction to public school students in the middle of the school day.  Gary deeply believes the Word of God in our next generation will stop the craziness in our country today.

Martin Morgan

Community Relations Director

   When I was a teenager, becoming a Christian was the furthest thing from my mind. I was so engrossed in sports and social life that I didn’t think much about God. My parents were good, moral, church going educators. I had many friends and was a leader in my school. My coaches, teachers and friends only talked about Jesus in the church building.


   I’m well aware of the weaknesses of my life, but I’m excited about God’s forgiveness and His power to change me day by day. He’s shown me who I really am and why I’m here. My wife, my four sons, and I believe Jesus is #1. My relationship with Christ motivates me to walk in the power of His Spirit… laying aside my selfish pursuits and letting Him direct my steps. It’s a never-ending process, but wow is it fulfilling and exciting!


Michael Bull

Transportation Director

Michael was born in Memphis, TN. Michael began to follow Jesus when he was 12 years old. At 16 years old, he was a bus captain responsible for organizing the transportation of children to and from church services. Also that year he met his future wife on a missionary trip. Five years later they were married and he has been holding her hand for the past 47 years. God blessed them with two sons, whom they are very proud.


Michael graduated college with a music education degree and was a band director. Later he worked as a retail manager at Walmart and other retailers for 29 years.


When he first heard about Released Time Bible Education (RTBE) his reaction was like most people, that can’t be legal! He learned that not only is it legal but the State of California has had it since 1943 with one of the largest and oldest programs in the nation. Middle Tennessee is way behind. Michael’s goal is to help SOS! For The Students have a positive impact on student’s character and lives with Released Time Bible Education in Tennessee.

Beth Bixby

Education Director

Elizabeth is excited to be a part of SOS! For the Students! She grew up in Ohio, and became a Christian while attending a Baptist church, that had a very dynamic, and biblically based young teens ministry.  Beth’s neighbors invited her to church and she continued attending through her high school years. She was fortunate to find an equally vibrant church in college. 


Beth graduated from Ball State University with a Bachelor’s in Special Education. Later, she earned her Master’s Degree from Saint Frances University, also in Special Education. Beth, alongside her husband, raised their family of three children and enjoyed many exciting times of travel and days in the backyard pool. She taught for 29 years in the public school system. After a very fulfilling career in Indiana and retiring, she moved to Tennessee to be near her grandchildren. 


A friend from Indiana shared that she had become a part of Bible Released Time Education, and urged Beth to look into it.  SOS! For the Students! is perfectly suited to sharing the character of Jesus with students in a systematic and fun way. Having seen the trials with which children are currently faced, Beth can think of no greater hope than them learning about strengthening their character, with the Bible as the textbook.  She fully believes it will be transformative to the growth of their hearts, minds and souls! Jesus is enough.

Mark Munson

Safety Director

Mark grew up in Missouri and attended Truman State University where he graduated with a degree in History in 1999.  He moved to Tennessee that same year and met his wife Lois in 2006.  They were married in 2012 and enjoy spending time with their grandkids and teaching them God’s Word. 

While on a trip to Israel in 2020 after being baptized in the Jordan River, Mark felt called to do more to help spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He is an active member in the Faith Walk Jackson community which focuses on discipleship and furthering one’s relationship with our


Mark is an independent Life Insurance agent and currently working on his Health insurance license as well.

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