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"All your children shall be taught by the

Lord, and great shall be the peace of

your children."             Isaiah 54:13 


After reviewing several curriculums, a curriculum developed and implemented for 40 years by an organization in Pennsylvania was selected by SOS! For the StudentsThe curriculum avoids getting into theology and doctrine of church denominations but focuses on the fundamental lessons taught in the Bible that teaches character and how to live a better life.


SOS! For The Students works with schools to ensure they will not miss any direct, academic instruction. The students are transported off the school campus during one of their elective classes or during their lunch/recess times. Biblical character being taught to third grade students during the school day is FREE  to any student signed up to the program. 

When students arrive at the SOS! For the Students location (off school grounds) they eat their lunch during the main presentation of the lesson. We are hopeful that as students fill their stomachs and mouths we can fill their ears and hearts with the character of Jesus.


As students finish their lunches, they are then moved into an open area where two or three worship songs are played.  Students are moving to the music with hand motions to go along with the words of the worship song.

Once completed, students go to their classroom, where, “Digging Deeper” happens. This is where questions are asked, students use their personal Bible to learn about the character of Jesus. Here they are also able to have open discussions about the lesson and learn about character and how it applies to their lives.  Patience, kindness, faithfulness, respect, forgiveness, and self-control will all be covered and students will be asked to think about how this applies to their own lives and to those with whom they are surrounded.

Some examples of student character lessons are the following:

Mary and Martha =  Patience

Disciples & Faith in Action = Kindness

Worship =  Faithfulness

Golden Rule = Respect

Prodigal Son =  Forgiveness

Temptation = Self-Control

Bus used by SOS! For The Students to transport students off school property.

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