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Teaching Biblical Character

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Why S.O.S?

S.O.S. is the universal code created in 1906 as a radio distress call used for ships. Over time it has become the call of distress for any situation by someone on a radio, using flashing lights or logs on a beach to spell out S.O.S.​ Students in today’s society are signaling their S.O.S. due to the breakdown of family, negative  peer pressure and isolation due to social media, depression, anxiety, and less hope as a generation. Being a child figuring out who you are and how you fit in the world is difficult enough. The youngest generation of today witnesses or experiences more stress, violence, and a negative culture coming at them in every direction more than any previous generation. All this causes more students than ever in our country's history to exhibit self-harm, emotional issues, aggressive behavior and/or hopelessness. By their actions, they are signaling a S.O.S. distress call for help.

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Our Purpose

S.O.S! For The Students’ purpose is to love students by teaching Biblical character in a meaningful, safe, and professional environment through Biblical stories. With parental permission and off school property, S.O.S! For The Students will partner with the local school to provide to the student the Biblical character, hope, and love that the school cannot legally provide, but parents want  for their child during the school day

This Can't Be Legal...
Can It?

Usually when a person hears about Biblical character being taught to students during the school day, they think the person telling them has lost their mind! That can't be right! What about the separation of church and state? Click below to find out what the U.S. Supreme Court and the State of Tennessee says about this issue and the rights you have as a parent.

Law Books
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Why Released Time Bible Education?

"Educators for 2300 years, from Cicero to Martin Luther King Jr., believed that instruction in character and virtue were the most vital part of education. It was of utmost importance to create a society that was loving, compassionate, civil and self-disciplined. Without this foundation of character, having intelligent people is of limited value."

(Meta-Analysis on the Relationship Between

Character Education and Student

Achievement and Behavioral Outcomes.)  

SOS! Partners

There are 3 ways to become a SOS! Partner. Donating your time, money, & praying for the students. We look forward to you becoming a partner answering the call of our children's SOS!

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